Designed for pets. Tested on humans.

Traditional dog snacks are full of chemicals and deadly toxins.

No wonder they look sad sometimes!

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    Toxic Chemicals

    Pet treats are commonly sterilized with formaldehyde, arsenic and other deadly chemicals.

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    Packed with salt

    Each regular dog treat contains more salt than a bowl of chips. That’s even more unhealthy for your dog than it would be for you!

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    Low quality meat and veg

    Regular dog treats use genetically modified grain fillers and off cuts that are heavily treated with chemicals.

We use real ingredients – Really!

At Bugsy’s, nothing goes into our products that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.Joanne Cooper, Founder of Bugsy's Treats

If we won’t eat it, neither would our dogs!

Real food made with love and accented with natural herbs.

Our range of delicious dog treats.

Also available in: Chinese (Simplified)